The Hospital is a three-storey building surrounded by spacious gardens and located on the corner of the Ronda de Capuchinos and the Avenida de la Cruz Roja.

The building has four entrances: Emergencies/General Admissions on the Ronda de Capuchinos, the Main Entrance, Outpatient Care, and the Supplier Entrance on the Avenida de la Cruz Roja.

Instalaciones Hospital Cruz Roja Sevilla

The layout of the building is as follows:

Ground Floor

  • Critical Care and Emergencies (ICU, Anaesthesia Recovery and Observation Unit).
  • Laboratory
  • Outpatient Care.
  • Admission and Reception, Appointments and Admissions, Information and Billing
  • Surgical Area.

The Surgical Area is separated from the facility’s area of general circulation.

  • Reproduction Unit.
    •  IVF laboratory.
    •  Cryopreservation laboratory.
    •  Andrology and embryology laboratories.
  • Other support services. 

First Floor.

  • Pavilion A. Hospitalization Area

It features a total of 23 comfortable, single medical/surgical rooms. The architectural layout of the rooms is similar in all of them, with a private bathroom/shower, TV and telephone, a bed for a companion, climate control, and intercoms connected to the nursing station. All rooms are exterior.

The floor on which they are located features a sitting room for family members, nursing station, waste facility, and stockrooms.

  • Pavilion B.

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Unit.

  • Pavilion C.
    • Outpatient care in various specialties (interchangeable) such as Urology, Rehabilitation, Psychology, etc.
    • Pharmacy

Second floor

  • Administration
  • Trauma and Rehabilitation Unit for patients injured in traffic accidents.
  • Child Development and Early Specialised Care Unit

Staff changing rooms

Instalaciones Hospital Cruz Roja Sevilla
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